Thursday, June 29, 2017

Frankenstein Has a Cell Phone?

Naps.  Don't like them.  Never have.  Never will.  That's the whole of my view on the subject.  Even as a little tiny kid, I could Not nap.  If I did doze off, I'd waken feeling irritable and confused.  And I still feel that way if I fall asleep in the middle of the day.  I'm better off staying awake until bedtime no matter how tired I feel.

But recently I was kinda worn out.  The weather was hot, and the humidity was heavy.  I could feel myself starting to drift off.....finally, when I knew that sleep was just about inevitable and that drowsiness taking over,  I curled up on the workroom bed even though I was still fighting to stay awake.  And one of the reasons that I wanted to stay awake was because I was listening to WRBH.

I've always loved to have someone read me a story, and I still do.  It's nice.  WRBH is a great place to listen to someone reading.  Years ago, during the time when I lost my ability to read, I discovered Radio for the Blind and Print Handicapped:  WRBH.  Brilliant.  Truly.  They read the newspaper (even the grocery ads!); they read magazines; they read books--both classic and bestseller.  It's wonderful to listen to someone just reading.  I still love WRBH.  And now that my CD player in the car has died, WRBH is what I listen to on my drive to the PO. 

Well, the other day when I was on my way to mail packages, I discovered that they were reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.  Within minutes, I was absolutely hooked.  And I realized that somehow I've missed reading this well-known  book.  Now someone else was reading it out loud to me.  What could be better!

When I got home from the PO, I dashed into the house.  Spent precious minutes negotiating with the boom box that lives in the kitchen hallway; I've always had trouble tuning that thing to WRBH but strangely never any trouble with NPR/MPB (which I like less).  Finally, I got the antenna just exactly SO and then I hung a metal cookie cutter from the end of it to help kill the static.  (Remember how folks "back in the day" used to put tin foil on the TV antenna?  Looked silly but it worked.  And so did my cookie cutter.)  I could listen to Frankenstein!  Cool. 

I sat at my worktable meaning to get some stuff done while I enjoyed the story but, as I said, it was hot and I was tired.  Surely I could stay awake for a scary story.  I was fascinated as I listened to the reader's soothing voice.  But it would be nice to curl up on the bed for just a few was so comfy.  Next thing I knew, the reader was talking about someone with a cell phone selling his mama's pictures on eBay.

Wait?  Did she just say cell phone?  Frankenstein did Not have a cell phone!  eBay?  No, surely not.  And he certainly didn't have a mama.  What was going on?

Yeah, I was so confused from the unintended nap that I required fully ten minutes to figure out that it was a different reader with a different book.  I had been out cold for an hour.  For sure Frankenstein did not have any tech.  Drat.  Missed my story.
Life is good.
Naps stink.

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