Monday, June 5, 2017

Yeah, That's What I Suspected.....

There's an old expression that somehow seems appropriate:  "going pear-shaped"  Yeah.  That kinda fits, and it's also kinda funny.  Pear-shaped is when things seem to be going okay but then it all sorta suddenly sags to the bottom.  Make sense?

I was up and actually working this morning at 5:30 AM.  All going well.  Being busy.  Then all of a sudden everything went sideways all at once:  my house phone inexplicably died right in the middle of a very important conversation, then I had trouble with my cell phone as well, the mouse on both computers started acting up, (I always wonder if if's mice or mouses when you're talking about multiples of the electronic variety but never mind), my internet connection went super-slow.  And even the people I was talking to in customer service for two different companies were experiencing computer problems.  Aaaagh!  Electronics.

Apart from getting a shocking headache, I also felt just generally annoyed.  There had to be a reason.  One of the CS reps laughed at me when I told her that maybe there was a problem with sun spots.  Now it may sound funny but storms in space DO make a difference.  They do.  Trust me, my stepfather worked with NASA related stuff--he said sun spots cause trouble,  so that's what I believe.  And my mother was of the opinion that the moon was the cause for a variety of annoyances; she had no intellectual backing for this other than human experience.  I believed with her on that, and I still do. 

To paraphrase what Mr. W. Shakespeare said, "there are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in philosophy."  So there.  Just, there.  Besides, it's nice to have some kind of excuse handy when you can't explain what the dickens is going on. 

So I checked online, and here's what I found out. 

A space weather site says that
"After a weekend of relative quiet, sunspot AR2661 is flaring again, producing two C-flares and multiple lesser explosions on June 5th. The sunspot is now facing Earth, so any CMEs it produces should be geoeffective." 

Geoeffective.  Interesting word.  Means that something is capable of doing something with our planet.

And it appears that the moon is very nearly full. 

That's capable of doing something to humans.  Human-effective?  Anyway, our bodies are mostly water, so like ocean tides, we change with the moon.  The full moon is frequently to blame for all sorts of shenanigans.  Anyone who works in law enforcement or emergency medicine can tell you that.

So there you have it:  blame for a morning that went pear-shaped.

And this afternoon, we can also call the rain out for what it's doing to be a disruption.  I don't care to drive in heavy rain if I don't absolutely have to.  Yeah, the rain is making me late to the Post Office, and I'm just sitting here at my desk staring out the window and ruminating on the aggravations of the natural world and the nature of aggravation.

Dad blamed the sun.  Mother blamed the moon.  I'm blaming the rain.  Yeah.  That works.

Life is good.
And it's also a bit silly sometimes.

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