Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Garden is Growing

My gardens tend to have to tolerate inconsistent attention because I'm.....well.....inconsistent.  But that's okay because stuff is growing!  And it generally does just fine without excess help from me.

Remember my volunteer tomatoes?  (Read:  Hello, Volunteers! and What Point Am I Missing? )  Someone I know calls them toilet tomatoes; someone else calls them something worse that starts with T.  But, hey, the plants came up by themselves so I call them a gift from God; you can say what you want.  Every plant gets fertilized somehow; I decline to be bothered by silliness.

Instead, I was really very happy with what I saw this morning.....

little salad tomatoes just turning red

a few big-boy-type tomatoes with raindrops glistening in the sun

and a whole lot of lovely roma tomatoes

When I checked my container garden, I also saw progress.  The wax beans are already vining.  Both pepper varieties have sprouted.  The radishes still need thinning so they are fighting  one another for space.  Of the herbs, only the sage has failed to come up, and I can easily re-plant that.  (Thanks to that seed donation [read Confronting Carrots ], I have got seeds for lots and lots and lots of stuff.)

I still need to do something about getting much more soil.  And I really, really, really need more muscle than I've got.  But that's okay.  One step at a time is fine.  Remember my garden theme song?  (Follow the link:  One Step)

By the way, I suspect that some of my corn seeds may have escaped that hungry squirrel.  Time will tell!

Gardens are joyful.
Life is good.

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