Saturday, July 15, 2017

Showers of Blessing

I cannot begin to merit the kindness that I have been shown in this past day. 

Yesterday evening, my good neighbor decided to take me shopping, and he wouldn't take no for an answer.  He bought me the things I really need and which, in many cases, I have been out of altogether:  shampoo and toothpaste and laundry soap and dish soap and hand soap (as you can see, soap has been a major problem) and vitamins and tea and.....when I picked up a 4 roll pack of toilet paper, he put it back and replaced it with a 24 roll pack.  I was over-whelmed and still am.  When a person is so far behind in need, it's impossible to see how to catch up.  My good neighbor made that possible for me.  This has taken a worry off my mind.

And today, while I was worn out from the yard sale and trying to plan my next move, the phone rang.  It was another of my very good neighbors.  Her sister had come from out of state and had a huge food donation.  She wanted to share half with me.  I've mentioned here before that I've been doing without but I haven't always said quite how hard it's been (I was gonna say just now but it's beside the point),  This kindness is beyond measure.  Two kinds of potatoes, two of grapes, two of apples, peppers, onions, several kinds of tomatoes, a pineapple, a large cake, a big box of mini muffins, a veggie platter, a bag of broccoli.  In these past couple of months, it's probably broccoli that I've missed the most. 

I am deeply and richly blessed.  God really does know what we need and he provides--sometimes it's just enough and then other times it is showers and floods of blessings.  The last 24 hours have been the latter.

I'm gonna have to come up with some great plans about how I can cook and freeze all this goodness.  That's part of showing gratitude for blessings; we have to use them.

Maybe the yard sale didn't go so very well.  But that doesn't matter.  I got just as much as I needed.  And God has moved the hearts of these dear people to goodness and sharing; that makes it possible for me to go forward.  When one door closes, another truly does open.

Life is good.
Believe it.

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