Saturday, July 15, 2017

Yard Sale: Finish.....and Start?

Well, it has been a long road. 

Back in 2016, I showed ya'll the Big Hairy Mess (this post) that was my screen porch.  And earlier this year (and this one), I showed ya'll my little progress.  Things seemed to be looking up, but then the cat decided that the porch would be a great place to die; so, when there was absolutely nothing more I could do for Daisy, I gave her to God and he promptly gave her right back again (this post, too) so she has decided to move back into the house and is not interested in the porch anymore, not even one little bit.  A lot has happened with that porch.  If you scroll back just a bit you'll see my journey from this past week as I prepared a very hurried and harried yard sale.  It was Hard.  Very Hard.

Met some very nice folks.  One couple felt moved to lay hands on me and pray for healing--I never told them I had a problem but they kindly cared to listen to the Holy Spirit.  I was grateful.  Had a bunch of people drive up the driveway and leave without ever stopping.  Sold a few things.  Not a bad day, although it was very hot and humid.

And, I've gotta tell you, the payoff was just enough.  But no more.  I figured that I took in about $75.  That will pay the balance of the electric bill and I should still have enough to pay the interest on my pawn.  Money is still gonna be tight.'s the deal:  I'm Not Done.  I'm gonna do it again, Heaven help me.  Really:  Heaven, help me! 

Only this time.....wait for it.....the sale is gonna have to happen in the workshop.  And the workshop is (gasp!) infinitely messier than the porch ever thought of being!  And it is very, very much larger.  It is bigger than the house.  Oh my goodness.  I am probably gonna be prone to just about as many "vapor fits" as I was with the porch. 

I still believe that this is all Good Stuff happening.  And the porch is well on the way to becoming something New and Better.  After all, I sold that furniture that I didn't want (for a scandalously low price) so there's no going backward.  I have plans!  Don't know how I can make them work but plans are good.

And the stuff I've already price-marked can simply be added to the next sale.  Whew.   More hard work on the way.

I'm still saying my prayers.
Life is good.

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