Monday, June 13, 2016

Have Blueberries. Want Pancakes!

I could go shopping.  But I won't.

I've promised myself Zero Food Budget for two weeks.  (Don't worry.  I'm not entirely broke--just being careful until I see an upturn in my eBay sales.)  The temptation to go to the store has been tough, though, because when you've got fresh blueberries you've just gotta have blueberry pancakes.  But I haven't got milk or eggs in the house right now, and I don't want to buy.

I had a lovely bowl of Bear Mush with berries yesterday.  (Bear Mush is kinda like Cream of Wheat.)  That's the secret ingredient Sea Salt in the old spatterware pot--I like to add just a sprinkle on top of cereal, too.

As good as that was (and it was very, very good), I didn't want to have it again this morning. 

[Just a thought about adding berries to cereal (even though you're probably one of those smarties who already knows this):  fold berries into hot cereal when you remove it from the heat; cover the pot for a minute or two, and then serve.  That way you've got the best of the berry--warm and juicy but not cooked to bits.]

After several internet searches, I came up with the plan to see what I could do with a vegan pancake recipe.  I'm not vegan, just vegetarian, but I decided to go for it.  Hey, I wanted blueberry pancakes!

The result?  Well.....

.....looks wonderful and the flavor is very nice but the texture is a bit gummy so I won't share the recipe link with you.  However, this does inspire me to try again, tweaking the recipe a bit to put my own spin on it.  It was a worthy experiment but I've got some ideas to improve upon matters.

In the meantime, I won't waste a single pancake.  In spite of their heaviness, they're not too bad. 

Life is as good as we make it, and that can be very good indeed.

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