Friday, July 14, 2017

Yard Sale: I Can't Tell You Why

The yard sale is imminent.....well, let's be more precise:  it's tomorrow; less than 15 hours away.  I'm not ready, and I am aware that I won't be as ready as I would hope. 

Worse, the newspaper ad that I placed was 15 minutes late.  That means that it didn't run today as it should have.  It won't run until tomorrow.  Since newspaper delivery is now by USPS, that means that many people won't even see the paper until after the closing time I have mentioned in the ad.

I got a little too hot yesterday.  Given that I've had very serious heatstroke in the past, that means I'm always now in danger of relapsing.  I have to be careful.  It's well over 90 degrees today, and I'm essentially stuck in the house until later this evening when the sun starts to go down.  That means that stock still has not yet been placed. 

Everything in this world tells me that I'm looking disaster in the face.  But somehow, I feel a sense of calm. 

As I was sitting at my dining table surrounded by yard sale stuff, I watched the afternoon sun as it played across the porch.  And it was so pretty.  Really so pretty.  I was so happy to look out there without seeing a head-high mass of junk--that alone is worth the price of admission.

Oh, there's still a few loads of boxes to go to the workshop.  And so much more to do.  But it doesn't matter.

I need this yard sale.  My electric bill absolutely has to be paid on Monday.  It's my second "red letter" month, and they won't give me another chance to keep my levelized billing.  I need this yard sale to work.....

.....and while I was typing this, my good neighbors showed up at the door.  They brought more to sell.  They placed an ad to run on Facebook which I could not do as I don't use Facebook--this will help alleviate the problems with my wrong newspaper ad.  They picked up the mountain of trash.  And they are coming back to cut my knee-high grass for free.  God bless my good neighbors.  Truly.

I came here to say that I felt encouraged by the sunshine.  But what I really deeply feel encouraged by is unexpected human kindness.  I needed that more than the yard sale.

Life is good.

(pardon any errors.....I haven't really got time to edit.  I've got the energy now to get busy!)

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