Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Yard Sale Preparation Progress: Confession Time

Well, the first thing I'm gonna do is admit that I've been dragging my feet more than I should.  And the second thing I'm gonna admit is that I'm really kinda angry.  (The first factor is greatly aggravated by the second.)

Now, the folks who really know me would tell you that I don't get angry.  That's not true.  I do; I just tend not to share because I believe that anger is both addictive and infectious.  And I believe that we have a duty to other people not to upset them unnecessarily.  And, yes, I'm aware also that I sometimes vent in writing but I try to tone it down.  In fact, I wrote a long blog post the other day about exactly why the porch junk makes me angry; I posted it, left it online for about 30 minutes, and then deleted it because I was embarrassed by how ungracious it sounded.  We have a duty.....etc.

So the upshot here is that the stuff on the porch is mostly Angry Stuff and that's why I parked it out there.  Unfortunately, that has meant that I've had to walk through the piles of anger every time I enter and exit the house.  So this yard sale is Really Important--not only because I seriously need money but also so that I can clear the air.  Literally.  Sometimes we just have to look ourselves right in the face and deal.  I'm dealing.  And I don't like it.  Not one bit.  But I'm gonna get through.

I had scheduled two days to clear the porch.  It will take another.  But that's okay.  I had intended to wash the porch down, too.  But I've decided to let that wait until afterward.  The people who come to buy at my yard sale won't care that the floor and the screen are dusty.  They will just want bargains on good stuff.

I've found a few more spare trash bags, thanks be to God.  And I've created a pile of rubbish that is gonna stun my poor good neighbor when he comes to collect my trash.  Will have to remember to warn him ahead of time.

And I've decided to sell the table and chairs that my mother loved but that I don't.  I could tell you a long story but I won't.....in fact, I just wrote and deleted it.  I'll just say that they make me sad.  Sad stuff needs to go.  I got the table and chairs off the porch half an hour ago.  They were heavy and hard to move (in more ways than one). 

There's still a pile of bags that need sorting.  I won't get that done before the sale.  They'll just have to go to the workshop where I'll have to take care of them later.....or I could just risk it and add to the Rubbish Mountain.  I'll decide tomorrow.

So, here's the latest.  Bad cell phone picture again, and it was nearly dark outside, too.  Just gonna go ahead and post it anyway to keep myself honest about where I am and what I'm doing. Sorry the picture is not more inspiring.  But, to me at least, it makes an impression.  I'm creating change.  And that mess pile used to be six feet high on both sides of the porch.  Really.  This is progress even though there's still much to do.

Life is good.
And, with God's grace, it's gonna get even better.

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