Friday, March 17, 2017

Sometimes Things Are Just More Interesting Like That.....

Perfection makes me nervous.  It has to be revered.  It must be maintained.  It should be respected.  It is easily shattered. 

That's why it kinda makes me itch all over when I see those extremely minimal decorating pictures where there is nothing on the coffee table and the very few books are arranged by the color of the book jacket.  Too much responsibility.  Too much control.  Too much of too little.

Yeah, I kinda don't wanna waste time with all that.  And, yeah, I totally cannot stand Marie Kondo so don't even get me started.  But if you really must know (don't say I didn't warn you): 
and I could link even more but I will refrain--you get the picture:  KonMari ticks me off.  Seriously.

I like stuff.  I like playing with moving furniture about (it's adult-size toys!) and changing things here and there--even when it means that I lose two toenails doing it (as I managed to do about six months ago when I moved an old iron bed).

Yesterday, I had a very long over-due meeting with my living room.  Right in the middle of the room (yeah, I never hide stuff along the walls like anyone with sense would do) there is a head-high stack of boxes and packing materials and potential eBay stock.  It's a massive bad mess, and I've been ignoring it for a very sensible reason:  the DVD player is broken and I'm cross about it.  Okay, maybe that only makes sense to me but watching DVDs was my main reason for hanging out on the living room sofa. 

So the point is that I started sorting things out and I found something that made me happy.  Well, more than one thing.....why does anyone stop at one?  Yeah, that would be too minimal for me.  Okay, so I found several things that made me happy. 

One of those was kinda outrageous:  I had the gift of being able to laugh uproariously at stuff I have never even liked before because I managed to get the TV converter and antenna working just well enough to capture that one lone channel that my neighbor set up for me when he gave me the tech stuff for Christmas.  It's the first time I've thought Sanford & Son and All in the Family were funny.  When you haven't had TV service in nearly 10 years.....well, I guess that made stuff a whole lot more amusing.  I was temporarily captivated.  Laughter is good for the soul.

And the other thing that made me happy was finding King Bird.  Now, King Bird was never really lost--he was just living atop the dresser in the living room with a vast number of other paperweights.  I love paperweights.  Can't help it.  Beautiful glass is like water to me--gotta have it or I die of thirst.  My mother gave me King Bird during the last Rooster year as a present because I was born in a Rooster year (never mind which one).  King Bird isn't a rooster but the bird connection was good enough for her and more than good enough for me.  I decided that King Bird should come stay on the window in front of my desk.  2017 is a Rooster year, too, and that makes it mine.

Yeah, I could have taken a picture that was vertical (and I actually did) but I liked this angle better.

Looks like I'll be excavating the living room for awhile--should be interesting.  (I also found a cute little garlic roaster that I have no idea how to use.....and I have no garlic either.  It's not in the budget but maybe it will just have to be so I can play in the kitchen.)  Maybe I'll laugh at some more very old TV shows while I'm digging through stuff.

Life is good.
And it's too short to be dull.
Don't KonMari!!!!!

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